Why Mourinho deserves to be sacked


Why is no one talking about a Mourinho sack? Is it because he is not-the-so-special one anymore?

Hired in 2016 to return Manchester United back to their good days, Mourinho has failed to live up to expectations at the Old Trafford.

The football world saw it coming, and everyone said it should have been United’s first move before they made the biggest mistake of hiring David Moyes. Well, maybe one doesn’t have to blame United totally for hiring Moyes; it was all in Sir Alex Ferguson’s plans.

In the summer of 2016, the English Premier League witnessed an unprecedented influx of top football managers with the likes of Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte joining Manchester City and Chelsea respectively. It was going to change the landscape of the EPL forever. Six top managers would now be fighting for the trophy including Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp, and Mauricio Pochettino who seemed like the outsider since he was a relatively lesser known manager.

Almost two years after Mourinho’s arrival at United, the other two managers who arrived the league within the same period and with the same objectives have gone on to achieve it – City will very likely be crowned champions in few weeks.

All season, there have been rumours that Conte will be sacked and replaced by former Barca coach Luis Enrique despite winning the league last season, also lining Carlo Ancelotti as a possible replacement. The same can’t be said for Jose Mourinho who has failed to live up to his billings.

You may highlight his success winning three trophies last season, but which other club other than Manchester United should have won the UEFA Europa League? Shouldn’t they have defeated Leicester City in the Super Cup? These days United are used to celebrating small victories. Mourinho himself has gotten used to celebrating small wins and defending himself after a loss.

Many United fans felt heartbroken following their defeat in the hands of Spanish team Sevilla. But, it was forthcoming since the Portuguese felt it safe to play a defensive game against a Sevilla team, and thought it was perfect to bench Pogba for a Fellaini who was just returning from injury.

Despite the loss, Mou didn’t feel any remorse as he went ahead to tell how he defeated United with both Madrid and Porto highlighting that defeat at this stage of the competition was “normal” for the club.

Now, ask yourself, does this kind of manager who doesn’t show respect to his employers deserve to keep his job? Does he deserve to be a United manager? Does he?

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