Top 7 Young Tennis Players ready to take over from Federer, Murray, Nadal Djokovic


In this article we would be looking at young tennis players at the age of 25 or below; who have the potential to be the best and dominate the game after the Big-Four are gone (retired). In the last decade; we can ascertain that Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have dominated the world of tennis with their exceptional talents.

The Big-Four as they are famously called won’t be here forever for us to watch. They are all 30 years and above, with Federer, Murray and Nadal recently stating they will retire on or before 2022.




Career titles

Roger Federer 36 97
Novak Djokovic 30 68
Andy Murray 30 45
Rafael Nadal 31 31


In the next five years, it’s hard to see them still playing at the top of their game. Currently Murray, Djokovic and Nadal are struggling with injuries. Federer will be will be 41 years old by 2022, last year Federer had to skip the clay season, to enable him be at his best during the hard/grass season which saw him win Wimbledon Open and then Australian Open 2018. So even if they all decide not to retire (which is unlikely) in the next five years, they have to be selective in the tournaments they participate in, which will see them lose points and eventually drop in ranking.

1. Alexander Zverev


Definitely the obvious number one candidate. The German international is just 20 years old and currently ranked 5th in ATP (Highest ranking No.3 in November 2017). Zverev has already won 6 career titles including two Masters 1000 titles. He is the best young tennis player out there presently.

Additionally, This young tennis player have been tipped by pundits in the world of tennis to be the future ATP No.1 and at just 20, he has enough time to win some Grand Slams and more Masters titles to stamp his name among the best.

2. Denis Shapovalov


At just 18 years, Denis has shown his potential on court. The Canadian international is arguably one of the best young tennis player. He is currently ranked 44th in ATP, which is the highest ranking in his career. Shapovalov is yet to win a title in ATP but has made a Quarterfinals appearance in French Open 2017.

3. Felix Auger-Aliassime


Felix turned professional in 2017 but has shown good potential so far. The Canada-born player is just at a tender age of 17, He is ranked 169th in ATP (Highest ranking No. 153 in October 2017).

Felix has made six finals appearance in ATP Challenger tour since 2016 and winning four of them. Also made two junior grand slam finals, winning the 2016 US Open Juniors.

4. Dominic Thiem


The Austria international is one of the best clay-court player, he is actually among the few players that can rival “clay king” Rafael Nadal on clay court. Thiem is 24 years old, with 9 career titles. He still hasn’t reached his peak and can be considered a young tennis player.

Dominic has made two semifinals appearance in French Open (2016 & 2017), a tournament staged on the clay court. Dominic Thiem is currently ranked 6th in ATP (Highest ranking No. 4 in November 2017).

5. Nick Kyrgios


The Australian international possess an abundance of talent but controversies in his career has affected him. At 22 years old, Kyrgios can still be considered as one of the best young tennis players on tour, and can achieve great things in the future.

Nick Kyrgios has won 4 career titles, including Quarterfinals appearance in 2014 Wimbledon Open and 2015 Australian Open. He is currently ranked 20th in ATP (Highest ranking No.13 in October 2016).

6. Andrey Rublev


One of the young tennis players improving greatly on ATP tour. Rublev is just 20 years old and is now ranked 39th in ATP ranking (the highest in his career).

The Russian international has one career title to his name and also a Quarterfinals appearance in 2017 US Open. Between 2013-2016, Rublev made eight finals on the challenger tour and won 5 of them.

7. Hyeon Chung


One of the best players on tour from Asia. Hyeon Chung certainly has the talent to thrive here. At just 21 years old, Chung is improving his game to be among the best. As at November 2017, Chung was ranked 59th. The South Korea international made a semifinals appearance in 2018 Australian Open, and as a result is now ranked 26th in the recent ATP ranking chart.

Chung has no career title yet but given he turned pro in 2014, there is still enough time for him. 2018 has looked promising for him already. He won Andrey Rublev in the finals of the Next Generation ATP in 2017. Chung also won 8 challenger titles between 2014-2017.

These are the top-seven young tennis players, whom i feel have the potential to become the best in the next five years or so. Injury can also damage a player’s career or make them struggle to be at the top of their game, so anything is possible. A good example is Canadian international Milos Raonic, who is currently ranked 38th after a series of injury setbacks. Raonic was ranked 3rd in ATP as of November 2016. But based on recent performances down the years, they all deserve to be in this list of best young tennis players.

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