Forget Morata and Lacazette, Why Mourinho was right to sign Romelu Lukaku

Mourinho’s Manchester United finished 6th in the 2016/2017 premier league season which was disappointing to everyone in the club. Mourinho’s team placed their goalscoring burden on the aging Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swedish international finished the season with 17 league goals.

No other United player could score in double-digits, as Juan Mata finish as United second top-scorer in the league with just 6 goals, follow by Paul Pogba with 5 goals. Following their poor scoring season, the team would need a new frontman to begin the 2017/2018 season with. Top of Mourinho list were Morata, Lacazette and Lukaku.

Morata being fresh off a La Liga and Champions League winning season with Real Madrid were he net 20 goals in 43 games overall (15 goals in 26 league games). Lacazette also had a good scoring 2016/17 season with Lyon in France, he scored 37 goals in 45 games (28 goals in 30 league games). Lukaku with Everton scored 26 goals in 39 games (25 goals in 37 league games).

All three strikers had a good scoring season in 2016/17 season. United scouts had to access each striker abilities and their performances. Rumoured scouting report had Morata unworthy to lead United attack. They believe he was mainly considered as a support striker in Juventus behind Higuain and then at Real Madrid behind Benzema. Lacazette on whether he has the physicality and enough pace to thrive in the premier league. And his 37 goals for Lyon was due to 11 of them being penalties.

At the end, Mourinho and Manchester United decided to sign the Belgium international. Who’s record in the premier league spoke for itself. Lukaku had scored 43 premier league goals in his last two seasons prior to 2017/2018 season.

Now towards the business end of the 2017/2018 season, Lukaku is doing better than Morata and Lacazette. Like a recent man of the match performance in United 2-1 home win over Chelsea were he got a goal and an assist. Lacazette is struggling which was why Arsenal splash £58 million to sign Borussia Dortmund striker Aubameyang. Morata have also had his own share of blames for Chelsea average performances. He was left out on the bench when Chelsea played out a 1-1 draw against FC Barcelona in the UEFA champions league.


Lukaku have even score more goals than both players this season, with 22 goals in 40 games. While Morata has scored 12 goals in 35 games, and Lacazette scored just 9 goals in 29 games.

Although Lukaku cost United much more than the two strikers. He is however proving to be a worthy investment when we compare their performances this season.

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