Can Manchester City break Premier League title winning record? Or will Manchester United stop them?


Manchester City led by Pep Guardiola are in formidable form this season. They already won the Carabao Cup defeating Arsenal in the finals, and are now in good position to win the Premier League after their 1-0 home win over arch-rivals Chelsea on Sunday.


Notably, only Liverpool have managed to beat Man City in the premier league this season with a dramatic 4-3 home win back in January. After 29 games, Man City are 18 points above second-place Liverpool. Although the lead could potentially be cut to 16 points should Manchester United defeat Crystal Palace on Monday night.


In conclusion, with 9 league games left for Pep’s team, the question now is how soon can they wrap up the league?

Presently, Manchester United currently hold the record of the earliest premier league triumph, they won the 2000/2001 premier league season with five games left to play.


Manchester City’s remaining premier league fixtures are:

Stoke City vs Manchester City
Manchester City vs Brighton
Everton vs Manchester City
Manchester City vs Manchester United
Tottenham vs Manchester City
Manchester City vs Swansea City
West Ham vs Manchester United
Manchester City vs Huddersfield Town
Southampton vs Manchester City

City will need to win their next three games to have a chance of breaking the record currently held by their neighbors in Manchester. Also, they will need Manchester United to drop some points in their next three premier league games.

United next three EPL games are:

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United
Manchester United vs Liverpool
Manchester United vs Swansea

Should United fail to win all of this games and provided that City wins their next three games. Manchester City will break the record for the earliest premier league triumph as they will have 6 games left to play and already be Champions.

Pep Guardiola has broken this type of record in Germany. He led Bayern Munich to win the Bundesliga title in 2013/2014 season with 7 games left to play which broke the league record for the earliest title win.

All things considered, there are two key fixtures that will determine if Guardiola will break the record in England. They are Manchester City away game at Everton and Manchester United home game against Liverpool.

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