Kane reveals Tom Brady inspiration behind his rise to the top

With the Superbowl now behind us for another year, Harry Kane has written about how he was inspired by one of its key protagonists, Tom Brady.The New England Patriots quarterback has been a star of NFL for some years now but his difficult beginnings served to be very relatable with England forward Kane.”If I wasn’t training, then I was playing Madden or watching New England Patriots videos on YouTube,” the Tottenham Hotspur star wrote in The Players’ Tribune about his time on loan at Leicester City.”So one day, I happened to stumble on this documentary on Tom Brady. And it’s all about the six quarterbacks who were taken before him in the NFL draft.”Turns out, Tom Brady was the 199th pick in his draft class. Imagine that. It just blew my mind – but in a good way. The film really struck a chord with me. Everyone was doubting Tom his whole life. “Even when he got to college the coaches were trying to replace him with another quarterback. “They showed this picture of him being weighed by the scouts before the NFL draft, and he’s got his shirt off and it’s so funny, because he’s just looking like a regular guy, you know?”Kane also discussed how Mauricio Pochettino was overjoyed at a hat-trick the player scored early on in his reign at White Hart Lane, and how the coach asking to take a photo with his star forward made him feel at home.”He’s a fantastic, fantastic man,” continued Kane. “I respect him as a manager and as a boss, of course – but he’s really my friend outside of football, as well. He’s the reason why our squad has become so close – we’re genuine mates, and I think that’s rare in football nowadays.”

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