Is a Catalan Final on the Horizon?



They were meant to be tough matches for both teams, however, they made it look simple. Barcelona faced Atletico Madrid in a match some predicted would be the Catalans’ first defeat of the season. However, a beautifully taken free-kick by Lionel Messi silenced the voice of haters.

In England, Champions-elect Manchester City faced soon-to-be dethroned Champions Chelsea in a match that ended a win for the Citizens. Manchester City are looking more difficult to beat by the day. Both teams are on course to reach and even break the 100-point landmark. While Man City have had their fair share of losses, Barca haven’t tasted defeat as of now. Yet, it is difficult to see any other teams making it to the final stage of the UEFA Champions League aside these two hot teams.

Pep Guardiola has brought his Catalan football root to the English game, and he has dominated the league this season such that the gap between City and United is a chasm – just too wide. Barcelona are in the same situation as they lead second placed team Atletico by 8 points. It is difficult to argue that Catalans are the leading figures in football this year, and the world should be ready to witness a UCL final featuring a Catalonia-led English team versus a Catalan team. With the present form of both teams, it is likely they face each other in the final if they do not meet during the quarters or semis.

Let’s get our fingers cross until then.

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