How betting on sports can be harmful for kids

Sports betting has become a very popular thing and very accessible to basically anyone now that the internet is open to anyone. As convenient as being able to do this may be, it can be harmful to the youth for a couple of different reasons, at least in my opinion.

It can give children the idea that they can make easy money an, as a result, this can also develop some sort of a gambling habit that could eventually lead to some issues in life. It can also be a waste of time that makes kids procrastinate and spend their time on this potentially very destructive habit and stops them from going out into their lives and developing more useful skills such as actually playing a sport, studying, or doing something more productive with their friends.

Procrastination can be tough to deal with as given the massive online influence in today’s world, people always have a phone or some sort of device with a screen on it pretty much always. Let’s just say that betting can be one of the worse forms of procrastination due to the potential of it developing this compulsive gambling habit. If kids get into the habit of engaging in this activity not only is this making them waste vast amounts of time and money, but more importantly it is developing incorrect mental habits of thinking that money can be made with a lot of ease and without much effort.

Life as we all know can be a wonderful experience but to live life to it’s fullest one must learn the right kinds of skills and mindsets that allow us to be able to make the most out of ourselves. That I why engaging in activities such as reading, sports, learning to play an instrument can be far more productive and enjoyable than going online and betting on sports and living with the stress of not knowing whether you will be making money on a bet.

Also, the idea that one can get rich quickly or make money quickly is also a form of seeing things that I think is not the most effective. For most things in life, we all need to put in time and effort to develop skills that are useful. This ties into my previous point that how sports can be wonderful vehicles to learn these principles and apply them to life in general and this way we have more productive and better people that can eventually contribute to society.

I want to avoid people thinking that I am suggesting that one should never bet on anything. Engaging in some form of betting can be a lot of fun and can in fact make you some cash here and there. As long as these activities are done with the right mentality and with the awareness of what they truly are, it is totally acceptable to do once in a while. The challenge arises when betting becomes a regular activity that can derail the youth and take them away from activities that can truly help them develop and grow into wonderful people.

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