Growing Tennis in Africa

Promoting tennis can be a trick endeavor but not an impossible one. First off it is a sport that can seem like it is only accessible to people that have a lot of money and naturally are members of a club where people can receive playing time as well as instruction on how to play the game. As we all know not everyone has access to these things based on the many different circumstances that they are born. I think there are several options as that can give kids the best potential to develop based on approaches that give everyone equal opportunities.

In a country where tennis is not popular the first thing that could be done could be to have a lot of public courts built so kids and people in general can start playing the game and become interested in. Schools could also build courts and start incorporating tennis into their physical education programs. It can be tough to compete in popularity with sports like football, but it can be a huge help for schools and cities to start making courts and setting up the infrastructure for kids to start playing.

Also having coverage of professional tournaments on television can also be a great step so that people can see the best players play and become inspired by them. Now would be a great time to do that as there are great role model playing on tour such as Federer and Nadal. It is hard not to fall in love with the game after watching these legends battle on Wimbledon Centre Court.

Secondly for kids to become fascinated with the game, I believe great coaching is fundamental. Tennis can be hard to learn, and it can be sometimes a bit tedious to start getting all the technical details down. A great coach that can be motivating as well a make it fun for kids to learn to game is also very important. What a great coach can do besides providing instruction and motivation, is also teach kids how to be better people. This can be the thing that the kids and parents really appreciate and make kids stick around as this can be the biggest aspect that can make people’s lives better as a result of being in the world of tennis.

Once these previous things are in place also having tournaments in place to help kids start competing and improving their skills can also be an important component to keep kids interested in the game as opposed to having them go do something else. Eventually being able to provide support for the better kids to go play bigger tournaments and this way provide an opportunity for them to have a better life.

While I certainly do not know what the exact circumstances are with tennis in Africa I believe this is a simple approach that can greatly benefit many families regardless of how good a kid can become playing tennis. I am sure that there is already some sort of a system or institution in place that helps with development and tournament and many other things. However, if some of these things are implemented it can expand the reach of the sport and it can have more people playing. Sport is about much more than just winning and losing, and this game can teach us all a great deal about life and how to be better people.


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