Sport Development

Sports marketing is imperative in the growth and popularising of ‘minor’ sports in Africa

Members of the Local Organising Committee used effective sports marketing to attract thousands of fans to the final IAAF World U-18 Championships held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2017. PHOTO|RONNIE EVANS Sports marketing is one of the most essential tools in popularising a sport, sporting event, match or launch. Africa provides a lot of potential for […]

Sports academies and government will break the stalemate in Nigeria’s grassroots sports development agenda

Sports pedigree and achievements are two of the fundamental ways in which countries can showcase their dominance in the global sphere. The competitive nature of sports and its successes are dependent on the core pillars of sports development implemented in those countries. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation of over 180 million people, boasts of a […]

Sports Marketing: The tool to help unattractive sports in Nigeria

Over the years sports marketing has played a vital role in the promotion of sport. Sports marketing benefits every party involved; teams, leagues, athletes, brands, cities and countries. The sports market is estimated to be worth over $700bn which is more than some countries GDP. Marketing has helped sport globally, it has been a key […]